About Firewood Newcastle

John Rickards is a fully qualified and licensed arborist that has been providing tree removal and maintenance services in the Newcastle region for over a decade. All of this time spent in, under and up the magnificent native trees in the Newcastle region has provided John with the opportunity to study the best slow-burning hardwoods in the area.

As local Newcastle residents have limited options when it comes to purchasing quality firewood, John decided to start utilising his skills and understanding of local timbers to provide a convenient delivery service of premium quality firewood.

By delivering in large bulk bags, Neville ensures there is no mess or hassle when handling deliveries.

Rapid deliveries ensure that you receive quality firewood when you really need it.

Come and see why so many Novacastrians are loving the convenient delivery of premium quality firewood from Firewood Newcastle.

If you would expert arborist services, please visit the tree removal Newcastle website.

You will love Cutting Edge Firewood Newcastle. The delivery is great, the bulk bags are an awesome idea, and the wood is great to burn! - Paul, Dec 2016 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★